Katie – fat udders

Katie – fat udders

Katie needs a milking session badly, her huge udders are so round and full! She actually likes getting milked now, but the farmer still restrains her in the milking frame, just to be safe in case the process becomes uncomfortable. We don’t want to have Katie bolting through the barn! As docile as she is, nipple suction always gets hard after a while, and it’s better to restrain your HuCows so they can’t move too much or accidentally pull off the milking cups.
Katie’s massive round udders are oiled up good before the machine is attached to her nipples. She flinches a bit, but she knows it is for her own good. The milking is relentless and Katie knows there’s nothing she can do about it. She gets gagged with a big bitgag to help her deal with the discomfort of milking. As the farmer turns up the speed, her nipples get more sore and sensitive. But Katie easily manages the entire session, she is such a good HuCow! Perfect fat udders and well trained!

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  1. My god thank you again for this great update. Very happy to see Katie restrained again with her big perfect udders hanging down and even a nice gag. Please keep the updates with her coming. Just keep her restrained and switch between the red cow milker and this milker and keep those udders oiled. She is the star of this site.

  2. Northfarmer

    Good to see Katie back in the barn. She is the queen of the Hucows. Love the size of her udders. I really love to do a milking session with her.

  3. Une vache bien grasse: je n’ai jamais vu de telles mamelles, si grosses et si rondes. Produit elle du lait en quantite?..

  4. Love to see Katie back and always prefer seeing her restrained! I would LOVE to see her on the nipple puller next.

  5. One of my favorites

  6. will vina be back soon

  7. I want to be a hucow so my udders grow big and round like Katie’s. She truly is an inspiration.my nipples are so hard from watching her they are ready to be pumped.

  8. It is nice to have another Update with Katie Thornton since she is the # 1 Hucow in the barn .

  9. Incredible udders. She inspires me to make mine bigger.

  10. What a perfect hucow Katie is. Perfect udders for milking and nicely trained but it looks like the restraints are a good idea for her own good

  11. What an inspiration Katie to the other cows in the herd with her large fat udders and natural cow docility. As her remarkable transition continues, she now seems more cow than human. Such a good fat cow Katie!

  12. I think there should be a collaboration with Katie and Vina, this would be the absolute best combination for this website 😍😍

    • matthew meuleman

      she needs to be taged as a full time Hucow a tat that says IM A HUCOW AND LOVE IT on one of her udders

  13. God this site makes me so horny. I wish I could find a farmer with the equipment to stretch out my nipples and induce milk from my huge udders. I think I would take to it quite well.. just a hard fetish to bring up for sure…

  14. just need katie and katerina updated every week with a new milking the two best

  15. Happy to see Katie back. Such a beautiful udders, more of her please

  16. i wonder how many smaller hucows Miss Katie could feed with her full plump udders.

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