Katie – sleep milking

Katie – sleep milking

Katie is so tired from all of her sessions, she just can’t stay awake. Cuffed to the bed in the cell, she keeps dozing off, even though her wrists are ankles are uncomfortably shackled to the bed. She doesn’t hear the farmer come in, but she wakes up a little when he starts oiling her udders. Not again! Even during her breaks she gets milked now? The farmer puts the milking cups on her nipples. Katie is so sleepy, she falls asleep with her nipples hurting from the relentless pumping. This is incredible. She actually sleeps during her milking session! It will be a long night for Katie!

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  1. Great to have her back! Amazing update

  2. Northfarmer

    Nice to see Katie back again. I would love to see her in my Dutch Mountains barn some day.

  3. KATIE THORNTON looks so calm and peaceful while sleeping in her cell. I guess if this beautiful HuCow is so tired she can even be milked while she is sleeping. Would love to see how overnight milking enlarged Katie’s nipples. Katie is still the #1 HuCow on this website.

  4. I want to see Olga with breast Pump!

    • Second Ricard’s request to see Double Breast Pump used to milk Olga’s udders; hopefully with the result of milk in each of the pump’s plastic bottles.

  5. ich mag Katie sehr gerne wegen ihrem großen Euter, aber sie braucht meiner Meinung nach mehr Aktion

  6. Matthew meuleman

    she needs to be taged as a full time Hucow

  7. SirKris

    Katie is such an awesome hucow, her body is so proportionate to her large udders, the fact that she got milked for so many sessions and went to bed and still was able to get suckled is outstanding. Kudos girls and boys. It does take everyone.

  8. Sleep milking or Keep sleeping?😉

  9. robaloo

    i love seeing gravity at work, especially with full udders

  10. Sleeping beauty.

  11. BlazerFanBaby

    I aways come back to see Katie. She looks amazing and I’m happy to see she’s still being tended to. Glad she’s being oiled up regularly, those udder need to stay supple.

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