Liz & Venom – farmer’s pets

Liz & Venom – farmer’s pets

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Liz and Venom are so well trained now! They are basically HuPets, following the farmer around, making sure he is happy. They sleep in a stacked cage, and the farmer wakes them up in the morning. They don’t need any restraints, except collars. Clover clamps are still problematic for both girls, they have super sensitive nipples, and they can hardly stand these clamps. The farmer doesn’t care, he leads these girls around, leashed by their nipple clamps, while they crawl along towards the barn. They hate getting clamped! Fortunately, the farmer allows them to take the clamps off in the barn, because it is suckle time! Liz and Venom’s favorite thing is to show the farmer how submissive they are, and how well they can suckle each other’s udders. Don’t be mistaken: suckling is as effective as milking machines for inducing lactation! Good HuCows like Liz and Venom will do anything to please the farmer. He sits down to enjoy these two HuPets playing with each other. He may have the best job in the world!

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  1. Enjoyed watching Liz and Venom suckling and playing with each other’s udders. Hopefully in their next Update members will see these two beautiful HuCows milked side by side like Cindy Dollar and Nicole Vice in HU191.

  2. Jordan Roberson

    I want to be a Hucow for the rest of my life

  3. Anton Tunyanan

    Apakah masi ada video menyusui yang lainnya misalnya cuplikan videonya, apakah bisa dikirimkan?

  4. I would love to se these two with nipple pumps

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