Nora Sparkle – on the cross

Nora Sparkle – on the cross

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We are always looking for new milking positions. The cross seems like a good one, getting the arms out of the way and leaving the udders exposed. Nora is well trained, but she still needs bondage and a gag, because her nipples are very sensitive. She would bolt without bondage! Especially when the farmer is using the red cow milker! Nora drools and moans, but there’s nothing she can do to stop the machine. Finally, when she thinks her session is over, the farmer returns to put her clover clamps back on! That is Nora’s worst nightmare: nipple clamps after milking!

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  1. oh yes…love the Cross. Leaves everything exposed and unobstructed. Nora has beauti-full udders! pain and pleasure!

  2. Northfarmer

    I’d love to see Katie on ‘the Cross”.

  3. Love this position for pumping Nora’s udders with the red cow milker. Maybe when the X-Cross is used again in a future Update the farmer can secure his HuCow’s ankles to the bottom of the Cross. This would allow the farmer to use the clit pump since his HuCow is spread eagle during her milking session. This would be a great position for milking Katarina Hartlova , Blondie , Thiccy Niccy or Denise.

    • Agreed. The farmer needs to do more vaginal inspections tooo. Make sure these cows can be bred.

  4. hucowlover

    Cross position is good to watch milking Nora’s beautiful udders. Red cow milker perfectly matches with cross position. Like how the farmer training more and more hucows with clover clamp after milking.

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