Katie – nipple enhancement

Katie – nipple enhancement

Katie! Huge udders but small nipples. Kind of the opposite of last week’s update. We have to focus on enhancing her nipples, and the best way (again) to do that is the electronic breast training machine. Not with breast cups but with nipple cups. This will create an insanely powerful vacuum that will enlarge Katie’s nipples FIVE times. It is very extreme, and it hurts, so we need to take her mind off the pain and stimulate her at the same time. A magic wand bolted to the wall is a good way of training Katie’s brain to associate nipple enhancement with pleasure. Many people have been asking for an upright session with Katie. Well, she is cuffed to the wall and vibrated, her udders are still absolutely spectacular and amongst the top of the herd. We will keep training Katie. She is one of our most prized HuCows!

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  1. Great update! I LOVE KATIE!

  2. wow!!!! how Katie has grown over the years. love her udders and so glad you are increasing her nipple size – they must be increased- she will love and crave the stimulation and moo with pleasure

  3. Awesome,keep the upright sessions coming.

  4. Nip Trainer

    My my my…. Katie has quite the heifer’s body doesn’t she 😃

  5. Nip Trainer

    My my my…Katie has quite the heifer’s body😃

  6. Yesss! So glad to see more big udders!! We need more girls like this please!

  7. i’d like to see some milk from those boobs

  8. love the oiled udders too

  9. I really would love to mili katie…add her to the farmer program!!!

  10. so hot!!! would love to take part in these activities!!! wow would love to be a part of the site! looks like so much fun!

    • Shame you’re far away, but if you are ever near us, feel free to visit the barn for a good milking session!

      • oops I saw the name and stuff was removed from the post so just wanted to check and see if you at least visited the link and saw me?

  11. Hi…I’m looking to go into training to be a hucow also.

  12. Katie’s udders are so beautiful and big! Love to see them sucking up the transparent nipple cups of the suction breast machine. Lovely beautiful nipples as well. Looking good attached to the wall.

    • William48

      @Hot Libby I can agree with and if they only fucking her ass it would have been great

  13. More cow bells Please
    Love the sound and look

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