Nora Sparkle – more red cow milker

Nora Sparkle – more red cow milker

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We need more red cow milker! Nora Sparkle had already been milked by our most powerful machine, but we thought we would just do it again! Not fair for soft-uddered Nora she gets to go twice in a row on this machine? Probably not. It is so powerful because cows have 4 udders so we blocked 2 of the cups, putting all the vacuum pressure on the remaining two cups. Not easy, but Nora is a trooper. In fact, she has quickly become the farmer’s favorite. He keeps her at home too, for some more personal submissive training.
Members can email to receive a longer version of this video with a more explicit scene with Nora and the farmer. It’s a secret, don’t tell anyone, members only!

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  1. Awesome cow. But can we get Anissa Kate or some women in military uniform as hucows? GO GRL FORCE! Mooooooooo!

  2. Nice to have a third Update with Nora Sparkle within a seven month time period. Nora was able to endure the power of the red cow milker’s vacuum pressure working to enlarge the size of her nipples on her downward dangling udders. Looking forward to viewing longer version of this UPDATE with bonus scene.

  3. Can someone tell me what’s this explicit scene is about and if it’s worth it?

  4. I want to know as well. Does she blow him?

  5. Any member of this website may request the longer version of “Nora Sparkle – more red cow milker” by sending an E-MAIL to [email protected]. The added bonus scene is a dream come true for most male farmers. I am glad I requested it.

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