Indica Jane – captured and milked

Indica Jane – captured and milked

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We have a new machine AND a new HuCow for you today! Poor Indica Jane is captured, her wrists are tied behind her back and hoisted up to the ceiling. This means her udders are pointed downwards, perfect for milking. This new HuCow will have to deal with our super powerful portable cow milker. It is brand new and it is as harsh as the portable goat milker, but the metal cups are a lot heavier. This means the teats get stretched much further and there is a lot of weight on Indica’s poor nipples. The farmer manages to double her nipple size! He slaps her udders and squeezes her nipples, before and after milking, to get maximum result in tenderizing the tissue for maximum growth. Welcome to the herd, Indica Jane!!

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  1. Wow nice new machine and new position! Can’t wait to see Katie, Katarina or Christina in a position like this, big udders hanging down. Nice update

  2. Strapado milking is something we’ve been missing i feel

  3. girlcowbev

    Maggy would benefit from this treatment.

  4. This new milking position had to be very strenuous on Indica Jane’s arms and back. I am a little surprised her captor did not use the clit pump since Indica Jane’s legs were spread wide open during this session. The portable cow milker worked well to enlarge the size of Indica’s nipples. I second Bman’s request to see Katarina Hartlova or Katie Thornton milked in this STRAPPADO position in a future update.

  5. would love to be your next captive cow

  6. Welcome Indica Jane!!!! love the hanging udders… the new milker will do wonders to/for her nipples and stretch her udders to make her a wonderful hucow.

  7. I think Christiana Carter or Lina Roselina would benefit from some training in this position. Maybe they could even be hooked up to the fucking machine at the same time.

  8. Yes please, busty cows on this set up would be great!

    Also cheers to those in the comments, glad to see the same names for a while supporting this site, hopefully many more years and updates to come, thanks admin!

  9. Angela Brown

    A lovely picture and a lovely hucow being properly milked. I know that human milk is quite valuable and wondered when seeing the expensive equipment if the operation is profitable. I would also like to know if there is a way that a male hucow could give milk. I have heard that males do have the required glands. Despite my name I am male but I have been trained and work as a maid servant wearing traditional maid uniforms and for a lady who demands good service. I do like to be useful and if I could give milk that would make me even more useful

  10. Oh my god I want something like this to me… yes.

  11. These ladies are so lucky. Thanks for this site and sharing the best milking devices. I want to stretch my udders and produce milk that drips.
    Is there a Farmer willing to help me?

  12. I love tight, strenuous bondage coupled with milking, because the hucow has to contend strict bondage while enduring intense nipple torture. This strappado pose is an excellent example. I would really like to see more use of this pose. The stricter, the better. And using a tight elbow tie with the pose would make it even more special.

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