Nyssa Nevers – angry HuCow

Nyssa Nevers – angry HuCow

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Nyssa Nevers! We loved milking her when she stayed at our farm, but she is now in the hands of another farmer, who is probably more brutal and harsh. He leads Nyssa into the room to be milked, and she is moaning through her gag. Placing her on the milking bench and restraining her, the farmer makes sure Nyssa won’t bolt. She is a feisty angry HuCow, who needs very secure bondage during milking. The portable goat milker is very powerful and silent, and it will at least triple Nyssa’s nipple size. Not a painless procedure, even though the farmer properly oils and massages her udders. Poor Nyssa. Maybe she wishes she was back at our farm…

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  1. Hard to believe thirty-one months have passed since members last saw Nyssa’s udders hanging through the opening in the milking bed being pumped by the goat milker. It is nice that her farmer at another farm shared this video of Miss Nevers having her plump udders being milked by the powerful portable goat milker. Enjoyed viewing Nyssa lifting her torso off the milking bench and arching her back several times during this session. Hope more sessions like this one will increase the size of Nyssa Nevers’ nipples.

  2. NICE! Nyssa Nevers is such a wonderfully gorgeous fetish and bdsm model and it is great to see her NIPPLES getting some treatment getting sucked and enlarged with the breast milkers. NICE!! Would love to see more of Nyssa Nevers and to keep enlarging her perfect nipples and how about incorporating a pair of green elastic castration bands upon her nipples to keep them enlarged and elongated after the milking sessions. Nyssa may be an angry hucow but she is definitely fantastically gorgeous and perky erect and hardened NIPPLES are wonderful to gaze upon. NICE!!!

  3. Do you take on additional cows? Any way for me to apply to be one?

  4. Guesswhat

    great haha

  5. I second the comments by Steve above. Nyssa Nevers is a fantastically gorgeous bdsm/fetish model. Would love to see her return with a more severe and intense milking session sitting on top of a sybian machine. Really intrigued about the use of a pair of green elastic castration bands stretched onto a model’s perfectly formed erect hardened and perky nipples. Only seen it once and the model absolutely LOVED THE FEELING and the models nipples LOOKED SUPERB, they really heightened the effect and was a major turn on. Second the request for the inclusion of castration bands upon some of the models nipples. Afterall, this is a “FARMING” website correct with hucows? ;-}}

  6. Angela Brown

    Some nice pictures of the system, the machine and the cow Nyssa. I can see she is angry but I am sure with plenty of milking she will settle down and eventually become a submissive hucow and get her mind settle on giving milk which is after all what she is for

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