Lina Roselina – tiny udders

Lina Roselina – tiny udders

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Lina Roselina is a super tiny girl, with tiny udders. Nevertheless, she hopes she can become a good HuCow and she wants to do everything that is needed to get bigger udders. Lina even got her own cute little cow outfit, she read all about HuCow training and pumping, and she begged us to come over to the barn and start her training. Well alright… we let her have a go on the strong vacuum therapy machine with a pair of nipple cups. But her udders are so tiny, they are completely sucked into the cups! This creates a super powerful vacuum and a very harsh milking experience for poor little Lina! She doesn’t want to give up though, even when the farmer clover clamps her after her session, Lina is determined to stay for more training sessions. She wants bigger udders! In fact, they are already a bit bigger at the end of this session, so there is hope!

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  1. QUESTIONS – Is Lina willing to endure the pain of many sessions using the electronic breast training machine to increase the size of her udders ? Is Miss Roselina willing to be milked like her fellow HuCow – VINA ? it will not happen overnight. But look at all of Vina’s Updates. The results speak for themselves. Welcome to the HERD – MISS LINA ROSELINA.

  2. WELCOME LINA!!!!!
    this could be your “breast” project yet…making udders from, in all respect, molehills.
    But Lina’s desire is so strong, this will work…continued , long vacuum therapy will eventually break down and enlarge her tissue… you may have to increase the size of the cups as she grows … and nipple pullers to make them larger as well. She may have to “bulk up” and add weight to carry her increasing udders.
    please give us photo updates so we can follow her certain progress. i am rooting for her. This will give all wannabe hucows hope.

  3. HOT! Little cow. Moooo, can we get some military uniforms and Anissa Kate? GO GRL FORCE!

  4. Dawww, she’s an adorable little calf. :)
    I hope we get to see more of her in future.

  5. Lina is such a cutie! She is awesome in all of her other scenes. I’ve wanted to see her “in the barn” for a long time. I’m very happy she finally did it! And I really hope she’ll do it again.

    QUESTION: Is it possible to have Julia Green make an appearance here?


  7. Looking forward to progress pics/vids

  8. […] It was definitely a fun experience as I really didn’t know what to expect! I like the thought of being milked. Also, it was sucking my entire boob into the cup! Omg! The scene can be watched here. […]

  9. Hi, I’m a MTF trans sissy who has been heavily hammering the hormones hard and have grown impressive soft and squashy natural D cup breasts. I’ve been taking Estrogen creams, Puera Mirifica, Prolactin, Progesterone and recently Estriadol in order to grow milk ducts and to get my breasts to leak milk. I also have used breast suction cups.
    I would love to be a Hucow. Please email me. I’m in the UK

    • Richard barns

      That sounds like something more for the other site he has. Please keep this true to the hucow fetish.. no reason to have men on THIS site.

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