Lina Roselina – tiny hucow – big bell

Lina Roselina – tiny hucow – big bell

After all of the udder enlargement sessions, it’s important to keep milking little Lina Roselina. It will increase her hormone levels and help udder growth! The best way to do this is to milk and sexually stimulate her at the same time. For most hucows, this is a lot, because there is so much going on at the same time. A powerful magic wand will vibrate Lina as the milking machine’s speed is turned up more and more. Her big heavy cowbell makes a lot of noise as she wriggles in the milking frame. Poor tiny Lina! She is trying so hard!

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  1. Lina is such a cutie! I love seeing her sessions in the barn. This one in particular as her suffering both pain and pleasure. The bell is a really nice touch.

  2. She’s sure a cute little Moo-Moo!

  3. Elle porte une belle cloche, j’adirerai l’entendre tinter au coup de cette magnifique petite et bien fraîche génisse..

  4. A good session for tiny Lina with the electronic breast training machine pumping her udders. Miss Roselina needs to go through the same type of sessions like Vina ; to increase the volume of her udders and enlarge her nipples.

  5. A cute hucow indeed and I love her little bell. I hope to see more of her and hope that her udders produce milk in time

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