Lina Roselina – cute udder enlargement

Lina Roselina – cute udder enlargement

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The farmer loves tiny Lina Roselina, even though she has very small udders. She is obedient, fully trained, and she really really wants to be a HuCow. The farmer gives her every opportunity to prove herself, and Lina doesn’t hesitate to put the vacuum therapy machine cups on her small udders. The machine is very powerful, it will keep her udders enlarged at 4 times the original size with a strong vacuum. Of course, when the vacuum is turned off, they reduce in size again, but this is not about one session, the udder tissue will get stretched and it will increase in volume if Lina gets enough sessions like this, in combination with the right feed. Lina is determined to be a good HuCow, and she is adorable!

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  1. Tiny Lina – she has the desire of a voluminous sized hucow… she will be a suck-cessfull hucow regarding of size now…. the tissue will stretch…mine have. And with that her inner hucow. I bet she will be one of the best, even as petite as she is.. and will give the larger ones a run for there milk.

  2. Lina is so cute!!! 🥰

  3. Hopefully the volume of Lina’s small udders will increase with many more sessions using the strong and powerful vacuum therapy machine. VINA had small udders but after various treatments over several years her udders grew to four times their original size.

  4. I think we need to see Lina get on the medical table and get triple pumped!

    We gotta get that clit bigger for better hormonal release!

  5. Love this!

    What I’d like to see is a real next level challenge: capture yourself a young skinny thing (much like miss Deena Ket) with practically nothing there, just stiff eager nips, and create a series of sessions with her to find out just how much she can be expanded! No weight gain, nothing that makes the job easier for the poor little hucow in training, just intense, merciless training with the goal of getting getting her to C-cup level or beyond!

  6. wenn, dann wird es ein langer weg, bis ihre Euter und Zitzen eine Größe erreicht haben dass man sie Milchkuh nennen kann, aber der Wille ist da und das ist gut

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