Liz & Blondie – training the pet HuCows

Liz & Blondie – training the pet HuCows

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Liz and Blondie are a great duo! Blondie’s massive udders are a big inspiration for Liz, and Liz has huge puffy nipples, an area that Blondie can improve in. They have become good friends in the herd and the farmer usually keeps them together in a stacked cage. When they are let out, he only has to remove Liz’s muzzle to get the action going. Liz has been fully trained to suckle Blondie’s udders. Suckling is even better than milking machines, it stimulates hormone flow and will increase udder size and nipple size. Liz is also trained to use the double breast pump on Blondie, who will assist with milk expression techniques, pushing the milk the nipple. After a lot of suckling and pumping, Liz oils Blondie’s huge udders and the pair happily wait for their next instructions.

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  1. Thank You…i love the suckling of lesbian hucows. The size differences are great to see, and also the hands-on approach to milking as well. The hucows that milk together will stay together

  2. Hopefully after witnessing Liz suckling Blondie’s massive udders their male farmer will take them to the barn and pump their udders with the RED Cow Milker. Blondie’s muzzle head gear should be removed so her farmer can see her facial expressions during the session.

  3. très belles mamelles..
    Pourquoi pas organiser une vente aux enchères..
    il faudrait alors qu’elles portent une cloche et qu’elles meuglent pour faire monter les prix..

  4. newswars Dot Com

    This is great- more please! Next time use teat clamps.

  5. Que buenas vacas

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