Alexis Luna – bodybuilder captured and milked

Alexis Luna – bodybuilder captured and milked

The gym is the farmer’s favorite place to spot new HuCows to capture. It’s easy to see why, as the powerful bodybuilder Alexis Luna starts her workout. She oils her body to make her muscles shine, and works out until she is exhausted. Not a great idea with the farmer around. She is groped and captured, taken to the dungeon and cuffed to a heavy cage. Now Alexis is naked and gagged, with a strange machine next to her. She is angry, but she can’t break her cuffs. It turns out this powerful woman has very sensitive nipples. After she has been milked relentlessly by the farmer, even the slightest nipple touch makes Alexis flinch. Not so tough after all? We should definitely keep her for a while, it will be a challenge to tame this one!

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  1. Hopefully various milking sessions will increase the volume and size of Miss Luna’s firm udders and also help to enlarge her nipples . Welcome ALEXIS to the Herd !!!

  2. WELCOME ALEXIS !!!!! so sensual a perfect body to take the extended sessions

  3. ehrlich gesagt kann ich mir nicht vorstellen, dass sich ihre Zitzen und Euter vergrößern werden und dass sie eine Milchkuh wird

  4. DommesAren'tReal

    I hope she loses some muscle definition, I love it when “strong women” see the truth.
    Also will former mistress Amy ever make a return?

  5. We really need more content from Alexis, she’s awesome!

  6. Please more vids with muscle women, they’re so sexy and exciting! Thanks!

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