Manuela – high speed red cow milker

Manuela – high speed red cow milker

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Another of our resident HuCows is Manuela. She is a HuCILF, but still promising even if she is not as young as most of the herd. The farmer has trained her well, and he is usually very harsh on her fat natural udders. Clamping those sensitive nipples, tieing up her udders in tight rope, slapping her udders, and using the hardest machines. Manuela is used to it now. She was always close to producing, but this time the farmer really turned up the intensity of the milking session by increasing the speed of the most powerful milker: the red cow milker. At high speed, lots of drops of milk are sucked out of Manuela’s udders. She keeps leaking after the session: a very good result today!

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  1. The results of this milking session speak for themselves . Several more sessions like this one and Manuela will be ready to start filling the plastic bottles of the double breast pump .

  2. A good result indeed. It’s good to see some of the stable are starting to produce milk due to their regular milking schedules.

    I look forward to seeing their production increasing overtime

  3. Rubber pumper

    I’d love to impregnate .

  4. Beachtlich dass die schon ältere Kuh nun Milch gibt. Mir gefällt sie sowieso immer schon besonders. Sehr gute harte Melkung, besonders schön auch dass zwischendurch die Sauger abgenommen wurden. Zur Belohnung sollte sie jetzt gedeckt werden.

  5. Fantastisch resultaat, misschien na het melken de tepelklemmen gebruiken

  6. matthew meuleman

    she needs to be taged as a milker Hucow

  7. i simply love the hu cows i would have fun milking them milk cows

  8. I’d like to see all the Hucows crammed into one long milking room (with udder nozzles attached. There would be so many buckets of milk.

  9. You need to do this to jj plush or goldie blair but with a leather hood gag on them.

  10. Would love those two spare attachments on the red cow milked to get put on my sensitive nipples and get milked at the same time as Manuela. She is something to admire for an aspiring hucow like me

  11. Manuela is a pleasure to watch! I enjoy the HILFs the most by far.

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