Manuela – standing orgasm frame

Manuela – standing orgasm frame

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A very hard challenge for Manuela today. Our HuCILF secretary is back in the barn for a goat milker session, but this time she is standing up straight, shackled to a milking frame. A magic wand is positioned between her legs. Manuela knows she will have big trouble to remain standing, as she is very orgasmic and her legs will tremble and shake. Not just from the magic wand, but milking gets her horny too! Especially when the farmer touches, slaps, and squeezes her big mature udders. Will she make it through the session? Watch the video to find out!

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  1. Fantastico.Manuela is sensational.

  2. Manuela’s big udders are spectacular. Another amazing video.

  3. Great session of several orgasms for Manuela as the GOAT MILKER pumped her big mature udders .

  4. matthew meuleman

    when did she get her septum ring it looks so good on her

  5. Very responsive indeed and Manuela sure enjoyed the magic wand humping against it alot.

    Perfect udders and her nose ring is perfect for a hucow to be led or secured by

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