Denise – nipple pulling machine

Denise – nipple pulling machine

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We are so happy to have Denise in our herd permanently! She is young, so there is lots of time for development and training. Her udders are already big and juicy at such a young age, but her nipples need some more work, which is definitely not Denise’s favorite type of session! Today, the farmer put her on the nipple pulling machine for a good long time, elongating her nipples. Not easy, but it is necessary for Denise to become the perfect HuCow! The high power of the compact goat milker was then used to make her nipples puffy and red, and double the size! Of course, the farmer then put the nipple pulling machine back on, pulling Denise’s over-sensitized nipples again and again. A very harsh treatment, but even Denise understood it is part of the training. She has so much potential!

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  1. Denise is such a perfect hucow. Next she should be bred so we can get some milk flowing.

  2. It was good Denise’s farmer gagged her to muffle her moans of pain during this incredible and harsh training session to elongate and enlarge the size of her nipples . Maybe Denise’s farmer could have used the CLIT PUMP to help her get through the nipple pulling , compact Goat Milking and nipple pulling again since her facial expressions showed this was a very difficult session . Maybe in a future Update may members see Denise ride the Sybian while being milked in the barn .

  3. Denise is a gorgeous cow and her expressions make every scene interesting and unique. Would love to see an udder massage scene with her, similar to

  4. Is it possible to milk her as a farmer because i cant find her name on the side „wamt to be a farmer“

  5. Yes! She is the reason I have an account here in the first place.. seeing the words permanently, widens my smile, but it deffinetly tighten my underpants.

  6. She is incredibly stunning. I would love to see her sitting on a sybian, harness ball gagged, hands cuffed behind her back and wearing clover nipple clamps before getting the red goat milker treatment.

  7. Please put Katie in the nipple puller!

  8. Herrlich wenn die Zitzenziehmaschine sehr schnell läuft. Und welch schön roten Zitzen Denise nach dem Melken hat.

  9. Nip Trainer

    Oh poor poor little Denise 😈

    What was interesting was how defiant and sure of herself she looked at the start of the update, yet by the end she was her usual broken self.

    I think she needs the most aggressive training of the herd to keep her in line. I do agree now, she needs a combo sybian with the high speed red cow milker to keep her reminded that she’s never going to be stronger than her training.

  10. hucowlover

    This is a good season for hucow denise. Nipple pulling machine works well to enlarge denise’s nipples, the compact goat milker also worked well and make denise’s nipple puffy and big. It’s a good thought by farmer to attach nipple pulling machine again on denise’s sore and puffy nipples. Denise is doing very well in her training.

    • Make sure the SYBIAN is installed with moving dildoes for the cunt and anus! I would love to see her struggles with that extra feature.

      • hucowlover

        Very good thought, she is very strong hucow and farmer has done many creative things with she. I totally agreed with you.

  11. I would like to see her doing oral sex again cuffed and milked

  12. Wow really like this girl! Is there any more info about her?

  13. I love Denise! <3

  14. Want to see her breeding..

  15. We need more videos of her😍😍

  16. Babs van der Heijden

    I’m in love

  17. If the owner fucked her mouth while her nipples are being pulled by the pulling machine,
    this video would be simply perfect.

    Also some time with the nipples sensitiziers before the the first pulling session would be a great improvement.

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