Denise – intake assessment

Denise – intake assessment

We were so eager to take in this 18-year old HuCow, we completely forgot to do our medical intake and assessment. Denise finds herself in the medical room, where Dr. Farmer will assess all of her HuCow traits. This young shy HuCow is quite scared, so she doesn’t need much bondage as the examiner handles her big natural udders, and checks her two holes in the back. Everything is so clean and perfect with this HuCow! The farmer then tests her nipple stretch capabilities with a Tower of Pain. This is very painful and Denise almost can’t handle this device. After a while, there is a final test to see how much her udders can expand. The farmer turns up the power to the max, pumping poor young Denise’s udders to incredible proportions! It seems Denise is really the perfect HuCow: great holes, very stretchy nipples, huge natural udders with potential for growth, very shy and obedient. Her age means that she will have many years of development and training ahead of her! We will take good care of this one!

Denise is now a permanent resident HuCow, so she is available for custom videos!

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  1. The Tower of Pain device stretched Denise’s nipples away from her chest and the pumping of her big natural udders within the large plastic cups of the breast training machine indicates there is good growth potential for each of this beautiful HuCows’ body parts.

  2. I think we really risk a lot when the cows aren’t bound. I’d be afraid of what a suddenly unruly cow might do with nothing holding it in place. That said, love Denise! Hope to see her bound gagged, milked and vibes again soon!

    • Maybe Denise can be milked like young Ariel in HU265.

    • A ring in the septum of the nose would keep them in place! Much used on bulls to keep them in line and subdued!

  3. Did she receive her buttplug then?

  4. Nip Trainer

    Hmmm…might the day come when this young new Hucow will be milked in the same video with a “more mature” Hucow like Katie? We shall see😉

  5. Denise ist the most beautiful Hucow, you have ever had in the barn. I think, it is a good time, to introduce her to the sybian, put her on the goatmilker, as it was done with Ariel in November 19.

  6. Chris J Tranowski

    I would love to breed denise

  7. Anton Ivarsson

    I think that Denise would be the perfect Hucow to breed

  8. all hucows should be give such wonderful treatment, udder expansion tests should be mandatory

  9. Great if she got suction on her clit, put a anal-plug in to make her get used to a sybian with dildoe´s for both holes. Then you can put nipple-sensitisers on her small nips while she rides the sybian with two dildoes. I bet she will beg for mercy after a short period. Also show when she lowers herself down on the sybian, pretty pleace.

  10. I feel like being this badly…..

    I am very submissive and my nipples need to be stretched,pulled, sucked and more. Getting wet already by just imagining….

  11. I want to train my udders. Where can I get a breast training pump like this?

  12. Sissy Slut Tina

    Intake training will be needed when it is possible for me to travel to you.

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