Denise – new young HuCow

Denise – new young HuCow

We have a new young HuCow to train! Denise developed big udders at an early age, and now she is 18, she is ready to be added to our herd. Sure, she doesn’t have any experience yet, but it’s best to start early to ensure the most potential and the most succesful development of aspiring HuCows. We collared her, clamped her nipples, and put her in a holding cell. It is her first time being handled by a farmer and Denise is clearly a bit shy and nervous. Soon, she is led to the milking frame where she is secured for her first ever milking! We used a magic wand to keep her mind focused elsewhere.
Beautiful pure natural udders and such a cute novice HuCow. She will need very regular pump training on udders and nipples, paired with sexual stimuation and massaging to help her transformation. Please make her feel welcome!

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  1. WELCOME, DENISE!!!!!!!!! she has all the tools to have a wonderful, but especially productive, life as a hucow.
    her already developed udders only need fine tuning – transforming and enlarging her nipples … and the stimulation to begin and increase her milking potential. she also has Katie as a “men”tor. Let the milking training begin!!!!!!!

  2. WELCOME !!!!!!! Beautiful, blonde haired, eighteen years old and big natural udders. The electronic breast training machine worked well to enlarge Denise’s nipples in her first milking session as part of the herd. Many more sessions like this one and someday members will see an Update where Denise’s mllk starts to fill each of the plastic bottles of the double breast pump.

  3. Big nipples

    I actually wander what is Denise’s cup size cuz the udders are perfect for a good milking (hope to see some milk come of two beautiful udders like that)

  4. Jordan74656

    I think Denise would do very well in a double shoot with vina, since vina is a permanent resident I think Denise should be as well.

  5. Perfect addition. A sweet cute babe.

  6. She has a Vina look about her!
    Welcome Denise

  7. How do I become a Hucow?

  8. If you mean be treated as hucow on this site, then write
    Or do you mean have milk in your breasts/udder?

    • Just in general.. I would like to enlarge my nipples, my tits are already rather big in size.

  9. Nip Trainer

    One of site’s best updates. Taking it from beginning to end, and showing her being put into the harness. Her complete look of fear and shock during her session. Her screams and trembling. The look of being broken after. Everything I love to see when I watch your videos.

  10. Welcome Denise. She has a beautiful udders for milking. She got it rough as a new hucow, she really struggles on her training. Hope she will be used to this life very soon.

  11. Denise is the loveliest hucow, you have ever had in the barn. I think, her udders should be made larger soon. It would be nice to see her on the treatmill or her moaning on the fucking machine, when her udders will be trained with the goatmilker.

  12. Congratulations! Great attitude has led you to some very erotic attention. Best to you!

  13. I think Denice have the full ability to transform to a full fledged HUCOW and even to get a MASTER to transform her into a full slave-girl. Her innocence and beauty is stunning! Her small nips need some enlargement, but that is achiveable by regular suction and even tight ,strong rubber-bands at it´s base. It might be some unpleasent but I believe over time it will be tolerable for her as she sees the end-goal. She could be persuaided by some corporal punishment if she doesn´t comply to MASTER´s plan. Her revard could be a nose-ring in her septum. This ring should be larger as time goes by. Thiccy Niccy is a fine example of how thrilling and beautyful this is on a HUCOW. I would say it is imperativ for a HUCOW to have a septum-ring to subdue them.

  14. Do you have mentoring programs for want to be hucow masters?

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