Elina – mistress milked

Elina – mistress milked

Strict Mistress Elina was practicing her whip strokes by the cross, as she suddenly was captured by our farmer. Because we don’t care if girls are dominant or submissive, if they have good udders they need to be milked! The problem was of course that Mistress Elina did NOT agree with this treatment. Good thing there was a cross to chain her to. The farmer gagged her and pulled down her corset to access her great udders. Those nipples need lots of training and enlarging!! Welcome Elina, your world has just changed!!

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  1. Wow this new position is amazing!! Please put Katie or Katerina on this set up! Maybe with the goat milker or breast training machine! Love this update

  2. so very nice to see an endowed Mistress in a position like this.. my dreams have cone true. Would love suckers and suction on the breasts and nipples, enlarging them.

  3. Mistress Elina is not going anywhere with her wrists well secured to the X-Cross. Always enjoy viewing a HuCow’s nipples slowly enlarging within the cups of the electronic breast training machine. The use of the Clit Pump would have been a nice added bonus for Mistress Elina and members during this milking session. I also second Bman and Robaloo’s requests.

  4. NICE! Lovely sight to see Mistress Elina bound and secured firmly for some nipple suction. Such a delight. Mistress Elina has some very nice prominent perky erect and stiff nipples and can definitely be enlarged with a pair of smaller suction tubes. Would like to recommend the use of a pair of green elastic castration bands that can be stretched with a special pair of a “scissors like” device and placed upon Mistress Elina’s perky nipples after enlargement with the suction tubes. Definitely would enhance the effect of making the nipples more sensitive to physical touch. Since this is a Hucows site the farming equipment should be available. Mistress Elina is such a wonderful beauty and would love to see her return to the site. Would also love to see Mistress Elina strapped on top of a Sybian orgasm inducing machine to entice her to higher limits of sexual orgasmic release to enhance milk production from her teats. NICE!! Mistess Elina is such a beauty to see on this site. Please bring her back for more viewing enjoyment of the audience. NICE!!!

  5. David Wood

    Love to see a haughty mistress so reduced to level of a captive huow

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