Lady Lyne – on the milking bed

Lady Lyne – on the milking bed

Lady Lyne has been added to our HuCow herd. This means we have to look for a new secretary (again). Oh well, Lyne is better off on the farm, getting her big juicy udders pumped regularly. It’s a big adjustment for her, she still needs bondage and a gag, but she will get used to it eventually. Today, she is on the milking bed, allowing the farmer full access to her dangling soft udders. The strong milking of the versatile breast training machine will increase her nipples in size, and there’s nothing Lyne can do to stop it. She is a HuCow now. And that’s a good thing.

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  1. So glad Lady Lyne has found her true calling. Her submissiveness is evident, a hucow is what she IS. Her udders, her doe eyes… PERFECT. She needs the milking bed, and needs the breast training…having gravity do its job … making her the best hucow she can be – soon a bell…perhaps personal one on one’s with Katie.

  2. Robaloo’s comments perfectly describe this milking session using the electronic breast training machine to increase the size of Lady Lyne’s nipples. Administration can always find another secretary; but a HuCow with big udders that will produce milk in the future is a true asset to the barn.

  3. NICE! Such a Lovely and Beautiful Creature in Lady Lyne and such nice looking breasts and nipples. Really love the nipple suckers that greedily suck on her nipple flesh and toughen up her nipples for the follow on milking session. NICE!! Absolutely fantastic to see such a Gorgeous Lady Lyne with PERFECT DOE EYES. NICE!!! Would like to recommend the use of a pair of green elastic castration bands to be fitted to the hucows with elongated, perky, erect, firm, hard, and erect nipples to increase the effect of the milking machine. Afterall this is a FARM for hucows they should be able to afford the purchase of the castration bands with the special device to apply them. The effect of the castration bands when stretched upon the nipples heightens sensitivity and increase the alertness of the nipples. Also, when the Lovely Hucows are perched upon a SYBIAN machine the orgasms become more intense and have a resultant increase in MILK. NICE!!!!

  4. excitant comme fa├žon d’etre traie

  5. This is just such a wonderful session, thanks to a great extent of course to LL’s PERFECT udders and seeing them moving rhythmically in response to the pump, then being groped, and, throughout, just dangling so prettily. But much of the charm of this video is in her delicious, appealing, eye contact – and what beautiful peepers she has – those lovely, elegant hands and nails, the shapely legs and so-spankable bottom.

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