Lady Lyne – a painful session

Lady Lyne – a painful session

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Lady Lyne is definitely not docile enough to do sessions without restraints. In fact, she is quite scared! She has only been on the red cow milker once before and that was very painful, because Lady Lyne has highly sensitive nipples that grow even more sensitive during pumping. Even though her udders are a good size already, she still needs a lot of work to become a good HuCow. Today, she will go on the red cow milker again and that is terrifying her. The farmer makes sure the vacuum pressure is as high as possible while he squeezes and massages her udders during the entire session. But that’s not all! The worst is yet to come, as the farmer has a new toy. To ensure the nipples stay big and erect for hours after milking, he applies elastic bands to Lyne’s hyper sensitive nipples! What do you think about this new after-milking treatment? Which HuCow also needs elastic nipple bands?

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  1. The application of elastic bands over Lady Lyne’s enlarged sensitive nipples is a great end to a painful pumping session using the powerful red cow milker . Would LOVE to see elastic nipple bands used after milking sessions with Katarina Hartlova , Olga , Katie Thornton and Cindy Dollar .

  2. FANTASTIC! ABSOLUTELY FAN-FREAKIN-FUCKIN-TASTIC! The Gorgeous Lady Lyne is a wonderful beautiful sight to behold. Absolutely one tough beautiful submissive Lady who endures the milking machine wonderfully elongating, enlarging, hardening, and extending her lovely nipples. Most especially love the use of the black elastic bands upon her Perfect Nipples. Absolutely wonderful! Would love to see the use of these black elastic bands on future and even some past models. Firstly would LOVE to Nominate Nattallia Forrest to be the next one to enjoy the black elastic bands for her PERFECT NIPPLES and possibly even place a SECOND SET upon her PERFECT NIPPLES to further accentuate the look of such Gorgeous and Lovely Nipples. Secondly would love to nominate Elise Grave, Julia De Lucia, and Lola to endure a milking session to increase their nipple sizes and to wear the black elastic bands upon their Lovely Nipples. Thirdly, would second the request for Cory Spice and Lara Tinelli if they are available and can remove their nipples piercings or possibly install the elastic bands while they are wearing their piercings. Wow! Lady Lyne is wonderful. Thanks for the update.

  3. Ich würde das so gerne auch erleben…🤩

  4. Cindy Dollar is #1 for elastic bands. Show no mercy.

  5. Ferdi Astako

    Einfach wunderbar! Ich hoffe, dass es der Dame auch richtig guttun wird, wenn ihr diese Kastrationsbänder aus Gummi angelegt werden. Das müsste sicher auch dringend bei Katarina Hartlova vorgenommen werden. Die Katarina würde bestimmt vor Schmerz wie eine Kuh brüllen.

  6. Carina Simonsen

    If I was kidnapped and forced into this life, you would have to keep me in chains for a while. But if I’m there against my will, that means you can do whatever you want without asking permission.
    That’s the life I deserve.

    • Yeah that’s the life u really deserve….
      I think u will make a good hucow…. Maybe when u grow into an older cow, u will be slaughtered as meat for sale in the butcher shop, and your skin used for bags and others… You sound so interesting I will love to read more of your comments lol or probably talk with u privately.

      • Sometimes I even close my eyes, and hope that today is the day where someone actually finds me and takes me away, for real.

      • My curvy body, big boobs and fertile uterus should be tired up and used for what it was made for.
        No need for free will.

  7. Carina Simonsen

    I might be married with kids.
    But my curvy body, huge udders, fertile uterus and extremely submissive personality, doesn’t deserve to live as a free woman.
    I deserve to be taken against my will, and kept in a barn I chains, used as the worthless body I am.

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