Breeding Kiki

Breeding Kiki

Kiki came here with only one wish: she wanted to become a 24/7 HuCow. And she has been trained very hard ever since. Milking makes her very aroused, and her frequent sessions have caused this heifer to become very receptive. The farmer suspected Kiki was ready to breed. And after a quick inspection (wearing an examination glove), it was very clear that Kiki was dripping to receive the farmer’s cock. Of course, she would need to be milked on a very high vacuum setting to keep her wet and ready during the entire session, which caused her nipples to become so puffy and big, they got stuck in the milking cups. The farmer enjoyed breeding Kiki, even attaching a large bell to her collar for a very noisy breeding procedure. Kiki was properly inseminated today, let’s see if she will get pregnant or if she will need additional breeding sessions!

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  1. A little surprised Kiki’s farmer did not remove her gag as she looked like she wanted some ORAL TRAINING when he stood in front of her and she tried to lick his MANHOOD with the tip of her tongue . Love how the Electronic Breast Training Machine worked well ; giving Kiki big and puffy nipples at the end of of the session .

  2. simply perfect

  3. Absolutely beautiful update, by the way is there any chance you’ll start breeding any of these heffers on the Standing Frame that Denise found herself on in Hu472? You could even wear a mask if you don’t want your face shown. It would just be interesting to see breeding from a new perspective.

  4. This video is so perfect, maybe my favorite of all time. It’s definitely best to keep them gagged at all times during the breeding process to stifle any complaints. If anything, Kiki probably needed a bigger gag to control the slutty noises she made while being inseminated. Kiki seemed to enjoy the process, but I think the other more resistant HuCows need the same gagged breeding treatment in the frame whether they like it or not. Forced orgasms may be required to make sure the load is drawn as deep inside as possible. Keep up the good work!

  5. I really hope more videos will be breedingvideos

  6. So is the plan to carry to term for Kiki if she does get pregnant or?

  7. Cow gangbang

    Can I take your opinion of my udders as a farmer ?
    If yes tell me how ?
    How long I have to wait to take arespond

  8. An excellent session. Exactly to my taste. Kiki is a very horny and bullish cow. She is literally crying out to breed them.
    It would be fantastic the next breeding session with one of your herd’s Hucows you perform artificial insemination with a bull rubber cock filled with bull semen wich is injected deep in the cow vagina. Before you should fisting the Hucow with the veterinary examination glove until she has an orgasm that is evident by loud screaming Muuuhh in her gag.
    In order to keep the Hucow horny and to provide additional stimulation, it is of course necessary to milk her with the heavy red cow milker.

    • You can buy insemination-tubes from China in various types. The ones that has a sort of a helix on the end seemes quite thrilling and for the hucow somewhat frightening. A speculum inserted into the vagina will insure that the vet can screw the pipe into the “sows” cervix. The farmer can then deposit his semen into the cervix to get a nice litter of “piglets”. Stimulation on both the clit and teets will be beneficial for conseption. It will also be a highly interesting session for the customers of this great site!

  9. matthew meuleman

    she needs to be taged as a hucow like a mod to one of her tats saying IM A HUCOW AND LOVE THE LIFE STILE

  10. I want to be a hucow so bad… this looks just so fulfilling and delicious. I lactate naturally and need a farmer to baby me… 🥺

  11. Nice! Such a lovely hucow Kiki had become with PERFECT NIPPLES! would like to recommend her nipples receive some extra special attention if she is to breed. Would love to see Kiki experience a pair if green elastic castration bands stretched and placed upon her PERFECT NIPPLES. Should aide in her stimulation and impregnation orgasmic training. Nice!!

  12. I wishes I had someone to treat me like that..

  13. Carina Simonsen

    Forced to be bred over and over again.
    Milked for hours every day.
    Living in the stables as the unimportant hucow she has become

  14. Moongazer

    I want to be Kiki…

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