Manuela – secretary to HuCow

Manuela – secretary to HuCow

When we saw this busty redhead MILF secretary, we knew we wanted to add her to our herd! What a great pair of udders! She did not really seem happy in her job, and we have so much to offer her: a care free life, not working anymore, complete care with food and accomodation, regular health checks and massages, the list is endless. Manuela is a great addition, even though she has never been milked before. Her big natural freckled udders are incredibly soft and dangly! She loves having her udders touched (and even slapped!), but she hates nipple clamps. We harness gagged her and put her in a milking frame, so she could experience the electronic breast training machine for the first time! Perfect danglers, great potential!!
Manuela is now permanently owned by She is available for private sessions.

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  1. welcome Manuela…your udders are welcome and a literally a perfect fit. she looks great in a gag harness

    • I agree,nice to see another mature hucow added to the herd,but why the harness? A ball gag would allow us to see the expressions on her lovely face.

  2. MANUELA is another HuCow added to the herd that was blessed with big natural udders that look incredible as they hang downward as the electronic breast training machine pumps away during her first session. What farmer would not like to have a private milking session with MANUELA and use the red cow milker after applying massage oil to her big freckled udders? P.S. Was hoping for an Update with VINA today to mark her fifth anniversary as a member of the herd. Maybe members will see VINA featured in Update 300 for this website on September 26th.

  3. Now that’s a great position! Need more of this 🙏

  4. girlcowbev

    Perfect posture for milking such udders, bent over, dangling straight down, like udders always should.

  5. More please, amazing.

  6. Since she likes to have them slapped and I love slapping tits, I would be glad to engage in a session before she is hooked up, to make sure everything is properly stimulated and tender.

  7. […] Lyne has been added to the HuCow herd. This means we have to look for a new secretary (again). Oh well, Lyne is better off on the farm, getting her big juicy udders pumped regularly. It’s a […]

  8. maybe you can try start injections into their big udders wheh they are fully and expansed with a syringe ( +/-200cc) real cow milk dilute into each udder including 20 % additive and quick react fluid .
    then the girl stay a long time her juggs overloaded to play sex all the night .

  9. To me this is one of the hottest you made. Love to see more of Manuela

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