Manuela on the milking bed

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Manuela, the most well trained redhead HILF is back! If you are not sure what a HILF is, someone in the comment section will probably help you out. This mature HuCow is incredibly well trained. She has done quite a few private sessions now (want to be a farmer?), and she is very obedient and patient. Breeding, oral, she is used for everything around here. And of course for milking. We are almost there, she is starting to produce drops and soon she will be completely induced. Today, she is going on the milking bed for a round on the goat milker with her big freckled udders. Manuela obediently does whatever the farmer wants, it is all fine with her. Except one thing: she wishes he wouldn’t put clover clamps on her sensitive nipples after every session, that REALLY hurts A LOT!

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  1. Manuela is so well trained that she does not have to have her wrists and ankles chained to the bedposts of the milking bed. Hopefully members will get to see an Update in the near future with the double breast pump’s plastic bottles starting to fill with milk from Manuela’s big freckled udders.

  2. Manuela is perfect for the miking bed. Her udders and nipples, heavenly!!!

  3. How nice to see Manuela back, she is my firm favorite.Although she is compliant I believe restraints should always be used on Hucows. When my membership runs out I will not renew it until good old fashioned milking returns.

  4. hucowlover

    Good to know Manuela’s training going well. Her udders are perfect for milking. Farmer does great job putting clover clamps on her nipple after every milking session.

  5. mir würde das klassische Melken im Stall mit Stroh auch besser gefallen, Manuela ist eine herrliche Kuh mit prächtigem Euter. Ich würde sie gerne decken

  6. Common milking makes their perfect boobs empty and they refill within a short span of time. Farmers you are going on a milk revolution soon. Hunger will end soon . Thanks hucows

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