Jessy Joy – self milking

Jessy Joy – self milking

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Meanwhile, our HuCow Jessy Joy is in the final stages of her pregnancy. Look at her huge belly and enlarged udders with big nipples! She can feel the milk coming in, and it will start flowing immediately after giving birth, but we want her to prepare herself for her production period even before the big event. We are teaching our new pet how to milk herself using the double breast pump. Jessy Joy is pretty exhausted from the changes in her body, but she is very obedient and she has learnt how to use this machine all by herself. Chained to the wall, Jessy is just waiting to give birth, but she can use her time well to practice her milking duties. She will be milked A LOT after she gives birth, we can’t wait!

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  1. there is NOTHING more beautiful than a pregnant hucow with those full hanging udders and a full belly.
    plump those udders and let the nectar flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Belly, nipples, and udders have grown nicely in size since her first Update seven weeks ago. Jessy’s plump udders should be ready to produce milk and fill the plastic bottles of the double breast pump after she gives birth to her baby.

  3. “She will be milked A LOT after she gives birth”
    I just believe when I see it!

  4. sirrichard2u2

    When is she due to give birth

  5. challenge he milks her with the goat milking when her breasts are full of milk!

  6. sirrichard2u2

    As Jessy Joy had her baby yet?
    If yes How soon will she be started on being milked

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