Jessy Joy – double pumped

Jessy Joy – double pumped

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Jessy Joy has now progressed the most in the herd. She was bred multiple times and her milk production is at its peak. She also completed her HuCow training, being completely submissive and docile. Jessy has accepted her place and new life. She provides the farm with a lot of milk every day, and she can operate the double breast pump all by herself. Chained to the wall, she is the perfect milk production machine! Just look at how much milk this girl generates!!
*edit: to answer all questions: Jessy Joy is not for sale, thank you*

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  1. She may be called Jessy, but she is slowly turning into Bessie

  2. Loved watching Jessy Joy’s nipples expand and contract as her milk filled udders released drops of her milk into the plastic bottles of the Double Breast Pump . Jessy looked happy with the result at the end of her session .

  3. I think everyone is thinking the same thing, she is strapped down on the bench/table thingy, arms behind back, head pulled back to the wall, Udders hanging down over the end as the Goat milker gets to work!

  4. Why don’t we see who has sex with the herd during milking?

  5. What is intended for hucows who are worn out, getting no longer pregnant and whose udder is dry? Is there a sale or what do you do with it?

  6. When will we see Vina among others getting bred, now that Jessy has been bred multiple times?

  7. Would love see Jessy Joy in the same situation as Katie in the video Katie Milk maid
    Also would like too know which hucow produces the most mil per session and how much

  8. Jessy joy is the twin sister of Ivy passio…

  9. Can you milk her like a cow with bare hands

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