Jessy Joy – self expression

Jessy Joy – self expression

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We finally have Jessy Joy back again in our herd! And she is here to stay! She got bred many times, giving birth after birth, but she finally returned to us, to be kept as a HuCow from now on. Of course, this is great news, as she doesn’t need any sessions to induce milk, she already has lots of it! Jessy Joy also doesn’t need any submissive training, as she has been a sub all her life. Possibly the easiest HuCow we have ever kept, very obedient and fully trained and developed. Her veined udders are so full every day, she needs to get the milk out. We told her to do a manual self expression today, it’s so satisfying to see her drip and squirt like a good HuCow. Welcome back Jessy, you will be an example for the herd, and we are going to have a lot of fun with you!

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  1. A nice session for Jessy milking her own udders with drops of her milk dripping and squirting from each of her nipples.

  2. I think you shoud use nipples suckers on Jessy Joy!

  3. No, no!! You must always put her to the milking machine!!
    This is not right!!

  4. This was just the warm up, now on to the goat milker?

  5. It would be nice to see her pumped with a electric breast pump to see how much she can produce

  6. Good cow Jessy! Nice to see a cow taking her udders into her own hands. It would be good to put her on a machine though to see that milk coming through and remind her of her place.

  7. Might be cool to see if the nipple sensitizers could coax some milk out of her nipples :)

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