Jessy Joy – pregnant HuCow captured

Jessy Joy – pregnant HuCow captured

Some members suggested capturing a pregnant girl to transform into a HuCow. It makes sense, as milk production usually starts a few days after giving birth, but it could be induced months before. So with some regular milking, we could have a nice production going and get our new HuCow used to her surroundings, bondage, gags, and behavioral training while we still have her full attention. We found this beaming mom-to-be Jessy Joy who was admiring herself in the mirror, looking at all the changes her body had gone through recently. A huge belly and huge dark nipples that had become very sensitive. Before she knew it, she woke up in the barn, chained to the wall, gagged, pumped with the electronic breast training machine. Jessy was confused and quite scared. But we are keeping her for a while, because this will be an interesting experiment!

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  1. oh thank you, there is nothing more beautiful than a full term pregnant hucow. this is the ultimate. Jessy Joy is perfect for the farm. would love to see some close up nipple shots,

  2. Wonderful idea to use the electronic breast training machine to get Jessy’s nipples and udders prepared for feeding her baby when she gives birth. Once Jessy delivers her baby she should be ready to quickly fill the plastic bottles of the double breast pump.

  3. Jessy is a Joy to watch being milked! Hope to see her being stimulated in other ways soon. When I was pregnant, I was constantly horny and masturbated a lot with my vibrator. My milk came in fairly quick and I think it’s because of the jilling and teasing my nipples during. Perhaps we could get miss Joy to let down early in a similar way? Thank you for the update!

  4. Finally and excellent hucow for your herd. I can’t wait to see her develop into a heavy producer in the months to come.

  5. It would be great to see the changes of her birth canal too. You should perform regular inspections.

  6. E como foi essa captura? Os detalhes 😍?
    E em relação a criança, qual destino vocês pensam pra criança?

  7. will her calf be born hucow or not? what traning will be required for her calf?

  8. robaloo

    please… more pregnant hucows, perhaps a special stable for them?????

  9. When is she due to give birth

  10. How soon will she be milked

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