Aisha – Persian HuCow

Aisha – Persian HuCow

Curiosity is often the downfall for new HuCows. Aisha walked into one of the farm buildings, curious about all the noises, but all she found was a strange looking black machine. She is pretty clever so she recognised the goat milker cups and quickly decided this was not for her. It was already too late though, she was captured and locked to a milking frame. Stripped naked, Aisha struggled and tried to get away before anyone would return. There was no chance: before she knew it, the breast training machine was pumping away on her nipples, enlarging them to double the size! Aisha tried to protest, but after she was ballgagged, she could only make noises that sounded a bit like ‘moo’. Trembling with shock, Aisha couldn’t even touch her ultra sensitive nipples after her session. She almost cried, but somehow Aisha was also excited, a deep desire had been awakened…

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  1. Nice to have another new HuCow added to the herd. The pumping of the electronic breast training machine really did double the size of Aisha’s nipples. Maybe some sessions using the training bra will help to increase the size of her udders. Welcome Aisha.

  2. looks like the breast training machine was made for her. beautiful udders

  3. Chuckles

    Cute model. Sweet body. Nice breasts. Great position. Tight gag. Long session (>6 min). Intense reaction. Who could ask for more?
    That said, she obviously needs more training. Hope she’ll be back soon (and appear at other sites too).

  4. Very nice, although I think it’d be more interesting if the cow was locked into the frame fully dressed & then had the udders exposed for access.

  5. Ella obrart

    Id love for this to happen to me soo bad

  6. Please make more videos with Aisha

    Thank you

  7. I beg you on my knees: please bring us more of that hucow – preferably blindfolded and in a straitjacket! :-)


  9. Full name of her

  10. Where is this hucow she hasn’t appeared for years?

  11. it perfect to see hucow in hijab

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