HuCow 38 – Sybian and goat milker

HuCow 38 – Sybian and goat milker

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We did everything we could to calm down HuCow 38 after her recent transfer. We have her in full blinders and ballgag harness, to restrict her senses. She is even strapped in a bolero straitjacket so she could feel cozy and safe. But she was still a bit panicky, which is not surprising of course, HuCattle doesn’t like to be moved to a completely new environment. But we may have found a solution in the Sybian, the most powerful vibrator in the world. We locked HuCow 38 onto the Sybian in a milking frame and from her moaning we could tell she was feeling better already. A perfect moment to bring out the goat milker and see why we paid so much for this one. And yes, there is was: precious drops of milk started flowing from her big udders! She got a few nice big orgasms as a reward after this successful milking session!

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  1. Nice to have another Update with HuCow38 after only three weeks since her purchase and addition to the farm. This session on the goat milker worked well to get some drops of milk from 38’s udders. Maybe next time HuCow38 could be put into a position with her udders hanging downward and the red cow milker working to obtain milk from her plump breasts like Katarina Hartlova in HU171.

  2. Hope to see more of Hucow 38! It’s wonderful we’re getting milk from her already. Perhaps we can get an update with her milk flowing freely soon!

  3. Hucow 38 being shown the ropes by Hucow 54…the MilfCow…would be an amazing session. Perhaps 54 has to break 38 with some strap-on. I would enjoy seeing my girl on girl situations if possible. Your cows are amazing, as is the restrictive nature of their sessions.

  4. hucowlover

    This cow 38 is not docile like cow 54. It makes noise too much. I think her previous trainer not treet her as harsh as 54. But 38 drop some milk which is very good. Please take 54 and 38 on red cow milker same time to compere their lactation level and after milking put a harsh clover clamp on both cows sore teats as a punishment for not giving enough milk.

    • William48

      AGREED WITH hucowlover and that also should get a sex toy in there pussy’s as well.

  5. I will that was goldie blair or jj plush

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