Arabella – volume training

Arabella – volume training

Arabella is such a beautiful (and reluctant) HuCow! She has large soft udders, that can be tied and cuffed to put more pressure on them. Arabella could use a little more volume though. That’s what the volume training sessions are for! Our precious HuCow Arabella doesn’t like volume training very much, which is why we have to restrain her and gag her. Agreed, it is a very harsh method with high vacuum power, but her udders can be doubled in size if this is done regularly. It’s a good session to have between every nipple milking session. If you are training a HuCow at home: try alternating between breast and nipple treatments for the best results!

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  1. robaloo

    Oh YES!!!! definitely volume training for her. I do pumping on myself, it works. perfect!!!!! breasts then nipples ….. will increase their sensitivity too.
    Can’t wait to see the developing results

  2. boobguy

    She lost alot of weight recently so her boobs deflated, more volume definitely needed. Also, Vina needs to come back as soon as possible!

  3. It is always something special to watch a HuCows’ udders expand in volume within the clear plastic cups of a training bra. Arabella’s facial expressions let members know that this was a difficult session for her; but I am sure she hopes her udders grow in size like Vina’s have.

  4. NICE! Love Arabella and she has lovely looking breasts. I second the request to focus on enlarging her breasts and then move on to her NIPPLES to increase her sensitivity. NICE! I suggest a long cupping session with smaller clear plastic tubes to increase the size of her PERFECT NIPPLES then follow up with a pair of green elastic castration bands stretched onto her NIPPLES. The band’s will aid in retaining the length and size of Arabellas perky erect hardened and pointy NIPPLES. I would strongly recommend that a Arabella be allowed the comfort of sitting on the Sybian at a low setting to distract her from future breast and especially NIPPLE sessions. Thanks! ~E!

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