Arabella – volume training

Arabella – volume training

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Arabella is still very reluctant to any kind of session. But her soft udders have so much potential for squeezing, banding, and volume growth, the farmer just can’t leave her alone. Scared and gagged with a HUGE spider gag, Arabella is restrained to a chair. She struggles, but all that does is make her bell clang very loudly. Her precious nipples still show signs of yesterday’s milking. Today is not a milking day, today is volume training! Arabella can’t decide what she hates more. She just wants to be left alone. But that’s not an option at the HuCows barn. You will get milked, fondled, squeezed, massaged, and more. Development is key!

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  1. Some time ago members saw Arabella’s udders slowly expanding in volume within the clear plastic cups of her training bra using the electronic breast training machine. This session her farmer used the manual breast pump hoping for better results. It is always something special to watch a HuCow’s udders slowly expand in volume with the hope that they will someday reach their desired size.

  2. In addition to being bound, (ball)gagged, & teat clampped, have these juicy sluts wear Nursing Bras (ones with an inner frame supporting the udders & exposing the teats) while clampped & sucked. Would look awesome!

  3. étant une femelle (vieille) de 60 ans , je viens juste de prendre connaissance de votre blog , celui-ci semble aller dans le sens de ma recherche … ancienne “pute” tres salope j’aime les dviances de toutes sorte etant un peu maso beaucoup soumise l’animalisation m’excite depuis toujours avexc jeu de role bien sur la “traite” de mes mamelles , etre prise pour et comme une vache ou une chevre m’excite beaucoup etre vider aussi je fais du 95 D et reve d’avoir de bons pis de vache etre tra&it a la machine ou a la main par une bonne fermiere … pour l’instant au stade de decouverte ert de renseignements ..0..

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