HuCow 38 – red cow milker

HuCow 38 – red cow milker

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We didn’t use the red cow milker on HuCow 38 yet! But now she is ready for the most powerful machine. Still very skittish, HuCow 38 needs her steel wrist cuffs and harness gag / blindfold setup to keep her calm. It’s probably best, so she can’t see the red cow milker, most HuCows get more scared when they see this machine. As we found out in recent sessions, HuCow 38 can be reassured by sexual stimulation. So the farmer prods her with a dildo stick first, to make her wet and ready for milking. She is a pretty horny HuCow, the entire dildo slides right in!
The farmer then oils her udders, so her nipples get sucked further into the red milking cups. After a long milking, her nipples have tripled in size, and HuCow 38 is very exhausted! Considering she is a rescue, she is adjusting quite well!!

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  1. Hopefully someday down the road HuCow 38 will not need a harness gag and blindfold when she is milked. The powerful red cow milker worked well to enlarge 38’s nipples to three times their current size.

  2. mmmmm HUCOW 38!!!!!!! red milker AND the dildo stick!!!! what a lucky hucow. her nipples are FANTASTIT!!!!

  3. Charles Dixon

    She looks good it is nice to see some new ones in the barn A mother and daughter or daughters would be nice also what happened to Nelly

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