Darina – night pumping

Darina – night pumping

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We are still volume training Darina. She has good udders, but they can always be a bit bigger! With the vacuum therapy machine, it is quite easy to gain some volume, if the session is long enough. So the best thing to do is restrain Darina to the bed in the holding cell and let the pump run overnight. At first, Darina is struggling a bit, but she soon calms down and even takes little naps. Somehow, udder pumping (as opposed to nipple milking) is quite relaxing to most HuCows, once they are properly trained. Sleep well Darina, let’s hope you wake up with slightly bigger udders!

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  1. Has it really been sixty-three months since this beautiful HuCow’s first Update on August 27, 2016 ? This night pumping session with the vacuum therapy machine hopefully increased the volume of each of Darina’s udders. Two Questions come to mind – (1) How long may a pumping session using the vacuum therapy machine last without damaging a HuCow’s udders ? (2) How often may a HuCow have an overnight pumping session using this machine ?

  2. Who milks a cow tits-up? Surely the best place for night pumping is on the milking table.

  3. Hook up a lamp timer to a vibrator to make an alarm clock for her?

    • A brilliant idéa Todd. I believe the vibrator should be inserted in the vagina with the kind of vibrator that stimulates the G-spot and a branch that lies directly on the clit, double stimulation. Or maybe an electrified butt-plug that sends shocks when it´s time to wake up.

  4. girlcowbev

    This is just a good idea anyway.

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