Darina – volume checkup

Darina – volume checkup

It is time for Darina’s medical checkup again! She has been milked and pumped so many times, there just HAS to be some volume progress! In the medical room, her udders and holes are inspected before she gets strapped to the hospital bed. Then Darina’s pussy is pumped very hard, startling her. With her limbs restrained, there is nothing she can do against the pumping machines on her udders and pussy. The triple pumping is very extreme, but it is necessary to measure Darina’s progress. Every HuCow needs regular checkups!

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  1. oh yes – all must be checked like this – and love Darina’s pumped udders and pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really enjoyed watching the cows ankles get strapped down. Could we have one video be a kind of behind the scenes of the cows getting restrained and prepped? Maybe right from when they come in for shooting? I’d be super interested in it!

  3. A little surprised that Darina only winced once in pain as her medical examiner squeezed the handle of the pussy pump several times . it is always something special to watch udders slowly expanding in volume within the clear plastic cones of the electronic breast training machine .

  4. I would love to be examined like this. I love having my pussy pumped and I regularly fantasize about having my udders trained like this and eventually becoming a super milk producer.

  5. I think her medical exams should be conducted on a gynecological table. Here the farmer can get a better survey of her reproductive organs including her cute cunt. The vacuum pump, now placed at her mons, should be placed a bit lower over her outer lips and pumped. So you can add more vacuum as the exam progresses to give her a real large cameltoe. She will then look amazing in yoga-pants. I see she has taken the step to pierce her left noseving. Later in her stay at HUCOWS I´d suggest that she gets a huge ring in her septum. That would look sexy and give the farmer to control her even further, and she will also show her devotion and obedience towards the farmer. Her lips are lovely now, but if it should altered in any way it should be enlarged by using vacuum-suction. It would give her a look of a dumb, blonde bimbo if anyone likes that. .

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