Arabella – banded udders

Arabella – banded udders

Arabella is a unique HuCow! Our redhead submissive slave girl is incredibly gifted, she has it all! Large and very soft udders that can be banded and locked to extend them for easy milking. And even when her udders are tightly banded, her nipples stay soft and can be extended AS WELL! You can see them get pumped beyond the white rim of the milking cups, which means they get stretched more than 3 times, even with banded udders! Arabella can also take HUGE ballgags. She’s often not too happy about her situation, so she needs constant bondage and even a chastity belt, but that’s only a minor issue. Hard super stretching milking on the milking bed with banded udders! An update like you have never seen before!

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  1. ARABELLA is a wonderful choice for the first Update of 2021. THE use of tight metal bands around each of her udders set ARABELLA up perfectly for her nipple stretching session. The end result speaks for itself. Maybe these types of bands can be used on young Ariel, Katarina Hartlova, Katie Thornton and Vina in their future milking sessions.

  2. NICE! Arabella looks fantastic and really love the look of the bands on her breasts. NICE!! Would love to see this applied to other models but would like to suggest a pair of green elastic castration bands be stretched and applied to Arabellas nipples AFTER the cupping suction session. NICE!!! Would like to suggest it for other models as well who have extra hard perky erect and pointy NIPPLES. The castration bands work wonders for the nipples sensitivity and can even heighten arousal for orgasmic sessions with the sybian. NICE!!!!

  3. WOW!!!!! best update yet.

  4. I was wondering if I could become a hucow as I am lactating

  5. I would like to see a video of her including putting the bands on , also one with the following Manuela and Jessy Joy

  6. Arabella is just wonderful and whenever she wears bands on her breasts it gets even better. I hope to see you using extra stimulation as well as in Manuela

  7. udders made to be banded

  8. So submissive

  9. So great. Awesome job.
    I have some suggestions to have a better session.
    1. If the metal band around her udder would be smaller in width we can see more of her udder which is so impressive.

    2. Before and after milking the breast stimulation and nipple squeezing is a must specially with attaching clamps. The clamp and the band works well together.

    3. Please please please apply the band to other hucows with bigger udders. It is most submissive situation that is essential for training.

    Thak you all. I realy want to hear your oppinions and reply to my suggestions specially from the farmer.

  10. Wow I’m new to this site and never knew there was a place for me to be used as a real hucow. This is amazing, and it looks like this is the ultimate hucow dream

  11. Scott Yacono

    Would love to know where the breast bands came from.

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