Cindy Dollar – clamped before and after

Cindy Dollar – clamped before and after

Cindy Dollar is one of our long time residents. She is well trained but we still gag and restrain her. Milking sessions are usually going very well, the only thing she hates is nipple clamps. Unfortunately, they are part of the training program, because they stretch the nipples. And stretched nipples reach further into the milking tubes for more efficient milking. With Cindy, a little drop of milk usually already comes out on the preclamping!
Of course, if there is one thing that all HuCows hate more than nipple clamps before their session, it is nipple clamps AFTER their session. Imagine how painful it is to have your ultra sensitive nipples clamped AGAIN after milking. Exactly what happened to Cindy this time. She wasn’t happy. Good thing we still gag and restrain her!

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  1. NICE! Cindy Dollar looks gorgeous and nice looking breasts. If Cindy has sensitive nipple then how about doing a cupping session with small suction tubes just for her nipples. Then add a lair if green elastic castration bands stretched onto her nipples. These should be easy to find at a sheep or goat farm which may be near a cow farm. The green elastic castration bands will increase the sensitivity of the models nipples and then you can test that sensitivity with an electrified Warttenberg wheel. Nice! Love to see Cindy Dollar again.

  2. nothing better than clamped nipples to really sensitize them – perhaps the fucking machine will take her mind off the clamps

  3. Tomorrow is the sixth anniversary of Cindy Dollar’s first Update on this website. Would like to see an Update using the fucking machine and the red cow milker pumping Cindy’s big udders. Like Steve and Robaloo’s comments.

  4. hucowlover

    More hucows are training on nipple clamps specially after milking nipple clamp. Implement after milking nipple clamp method on all hucows. Cindy is very experienced hucow, she got little milk just preclamping. Farmer just did well clamping her nipple after milking. She suffered a lot for after milking clamping but she worth it. Farmer should install a septum ring on her nose as she is very experienced hucow. Want to see her next update on red cow milker and of course before and after milking nipple clamp and a large septum ring attached on her nose.

  5. littleone

    Ugh I want this so bad. Bound, sensitive, powerless, horny.

  6. I actually love this site and it’s cows.

  7. Nip Trainer

    One of the site’s best shoots. Good work

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