Katie – a new frame

Katie – a new frame

We are always thinking about new ways to milk the herd. Most frames are very uncomfortable for the HuCow’s back, and we don’t want them to suffer from back pain (only nipple pain). We need healthy HuCows! So we took the milking stand that was sent over by a fan and mounted it at an angle. Katie’s huge udders only just fit in this form fitting device, which has a waist strap and neck bar to keep the HuCow in place. We made Katie stand in high heels so she was at the perfect height for this frame. With her hands cuffs behind her back, she was now ready for another session on the milker, which left her tiny nipples doubled in size!!

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  1. This is a great set up!!! Always love seeing Katie

  2. beautiful frame!!! taking Katie to a new level…fits her perfectly, separating and showing off her huge udders

  3. Nice to see this fan developed milking stand-(HU198-ANGELICA-October 13,2018) used again. Enjoyed viewing Katie positioning herself on frame, farmer securing hand cuffs behind her back, tightening waist strap and locking neck bar before milking cups were placed over her nipples. The end result of this session was Katie Thornton’s nipples had enlarged to twice their normal size. I would love to see this new milking frame used in future Updates with young Ariel, Cindy Dollar, Katarina Hartlova and Vina and the goat or red cow milker used to pump their udders. PS–May we PLEASE have an Update with ANGELICA.

  4. Add a neck brace and forehead rest, so the cow doesn’t strain her neck keeping her head upright.

    The fun part is you can set up a saddle at the base to keep her legs supported yet spread, then have a fucking machine put in place to give her a friend inside. Start the fucking machine and milkers on low, then slowly increase the speed and suction

    Bonus points if you do an interview with her afterwards, with the milkers off but the fucking machine still going slowly. See how many times you can make her laugh at the situation

  5. I could watch katie every week. Just make a site just for her and just let other hucows visit her in double sessions.
    And don’t forget the ballgag. Really miss it on katie

    • Even more fun, use a ring gag for several sessions, then put a blindfold on her and use a kazoo gag

      See how long before she realizes

    • And don’t forget to slowly increase the pumpspeed in every katie session.

      Training isn’t easy and this way we hear more moo’s.

  6. Nip Trainer

    Eh, you went too easy on her..should have turned it up to full power.

    On the bright side, he heifer is putting on some pounds so training is working.

  7. nipple slip

    Hucow should introduce male milk sucker who will drain Katie Thornton udder

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