Natalia Forrest – Sybian milking

Natalia Forrest – Sybian milking

Natalia Forrest probably will never been a proper HuCow. She still speaks (a lot) and she doesn’t understand why sessions are good for her. Natalia is just very confused about why we keep milking her. Of course, she produced milk before, so we want to keep her! We love Natalia! The only thing that can keep her quiet is her sensitive pussy, she is very easily stimulated. So we put her on the Sybian for this milking session. Natalia was so distracted, she did not even notice her nipples doubled in size until after the session!!

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  1. oh please keep her!!!!! her milk filled teats have been a sight over the years…if you could only find a way to keep her nipples this size πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  2. NICE! Natalia Forrest is ALWAYS such a wonderful delight to see on this site. Natalie is absolutely gorgeous restrained on the Sybian machine with her wrists restrained and the suction tubes attached to her perfect nipples. NICE! Natalia’s facial expressions and vocal outbursts are such a beautiful response to ecstatic cupping sessions. Natalia has the MOST PERFECT NIPPLES that are erect perky hardened and extended of all models. I SECOND the suggestion to keep Natalia’s PERFECT NIPPLES extended and enlarged this way and suggest the use of a pair of green elastic castration bands. The castration bands will heighten the nipples sensitivity and keep them hardened for additional play time. To test the sensitivity just run a Warttenberg neurological wheel across her nipples to test her response. Of course, Natalia absolutely deserves an orgasm for such a wonderful display of feminine beauty. Love Natalia Forrests PERFECT NIPPLES!! NICE!!! 😍😁😍😊😍

  3. NATALIA’S ride on the sybian helped her to get through this milking session where the vacuum power of the electronic breast training machine enlarged her nipples to twice their normal size. It is now time to use the goat or red cow milker to pump her udders.

  4. After each milking session, there should be a test to see if the nipples are the required size/length, a simple idea would be to hang a coat from one nipple, while the HuCow stands upright. If it falls off! More milking, if it stays on she has passed, i think ten seconds should be enough time!
    Looking at Natalia’s she should have no problems!

  5. NATALIA’s nippels are the best. Keep milking her and hope for her to start producing milk again

  6. I agree with you all but one thing you forget to see is that a girl can take so much I know b/c I have plenty of hucow’s.

  7. WOW! Natalia Forrest is such a Divine Physical example of Heavens Feminine Perfection. WOW!! Natalia Forrest is outstanding and she seems to truly love/hate performing as a fetish/ bdsm model. Natalia’s nipples are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT when they are cupped through a suction machine. So perky, so erect, so pointy, so firm and so hardened. WOW!!! I second the earlier suggestion of trying to use a pair if green elastic castration bands to keep Natalia’s PERFECT precious nipples extended and erect. The castration bands also increase the sensitivity of the nipples which can be tested in future shoots. If Natalia is up for the challenge the castration bands can be found in a livestock store which also sells the milk cow suction tubes. Just got to say once again, WOW!!!!, NATALIA FORREST IS PERFECT WITH HER DIVINE NIPPLES!!!!! 😍😁😍😁😍

  8. Nip Trainer

    I supposed if you ball-gagged her she still mumble through it. It’d better than hearing her mewling…but still a good update. More like this…but turn in up to full power on her mercy.

  9. girlcowbev

    Nothing a good ring-gag won’t cure.

  10. Just image her wearing a boobcontrolbar to cool down and control them wild boobs

  11. my favorite hucow since she was featured in her pregnant glory

  12. I wish that was me sooo bad!

    • You can simulate a bit, get those electric expressing machines from the baby section of a store, put the cups on your nipples, use a bra to hold the cups in place, insert a vibrator, and use a pair of panties to hold the vibrator in place.

      Bonus points if that vibrator is powered by cord to a wall outlet, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power

    • Me too

  13. WOW! Natalia Forrest is an absolute dream CUM true in this shoot. Wow!! Absolutely fan-freaking-FUCKIN-Tastic to see Natalia restrained and struggling while on the Sybian with the nipple sucking tubes attached to her wonderful breasts. Natalia Forrest has the most PERFECTLY formed perky erect hardened and stiffened nipples of all the models on this site. It is such a delight to see Natalia back in such predicament bdsm scenarios after such a prolonged absence. Please bring Natalia Forrest back more often to this site. Would also like to suggest the use of a pair of green elastic castration bands that can be stretched and placed upon a models nipples ( ie. Natalia Forrest) to train and retain the elongated perky nipples as well as to test her sensitivity of her perfect nipples. Nice!

  14. Wow! Natalia Forrest is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! It has been over a year since Natalia was last on this site. Can you bring her back for another more intense session with some proper restraints? How about adding in a pair of green elastic castration bands stretched and placed upon her PERFECT PERKY NIPPLES? How about adding in a pair of blackout contact lenses to prevent her from being able to see and focus on the torments placed upon her body and especially her PERFECT PERKY NIPPLES?

  15. You need to get goldie blair to do this but with a ball gag in her mouth.

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