Lucy Lauren – the pet

Lucy Lauren – the pet

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Lucy Lauren has very sensitive nipples. Remember her first time? And then her triple pumping? A lot of members have been concerned she would never be able to handle the red cow milker. But today is the day: Lucy Lauren is going on the red cow milker!! She has been trained very well, her pet skills are incredible. She can be gagged with a huge gag all the time, she will walk on her hands and knees, and she is very obedient. The farmer has a little fun with her before the session, leading her around in circles on a leash, and putting nipple clamps on her in preparation for the milking session. Of course, we are not completely evil here at, so we gave Lucy a high speed vibrator to make her session bearable. Soon she was a drooling moaning mess, while her nipples were pumped to triple the original size! Yes, it was very painful for her, but training is necessary, we can’t leave any of our herd behind!

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  1. Nice to have an Update with LUCY LAUREN. The red cow milker’s pumping helped her nipples to enlarge to three times their current normal size.

  2. hucowlover

    Lucy looks cute with her pet outfit. Red cow milker was the right choice to train her.

  3. What is the peculiarity of the red cow milker? Why is it special?

    • Just look how big and bulky their nipple become after milking session on red cow milker. It is very powerful machine thats why it is special. Like her first video if farmer clamped her nipple after milking it would be more fun (fun for us but painful for her).

      • Thank you for the clarification. I guess the only way to really know would be to test it.

  4. Red cow milker is most powerful milking machine. It is very harsh for hucows teat. It is for those hucows who love pain and pleasure at the same time. It is not for those hucows who has sensitive nipples.

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