Lucy Lauren – first time

Lucy Lauren – first time

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Lucy Lauren wanted to see the barn and MAYBE try a short milking session. She was curious but not sure. Well, she got to see the barn! And a bit more than that! Stripped naked and collared, Lucy waited nervously to see what would happen next. Her nipples were clamped with pinchy clover clamps to prepare them for milking. That hurt her a lot, but she was too curious to give up now. She eyed the metal frame in front of her. The farmhand came in with a huge 2 inch ballgag, a little bigger than was comfortable for her. Lucy knew there was no going back now. She was locked to the frame and a goat milker was wheeled in to milk her. Lucy’s sensitive nipples got stretched and pumped to twice the size! It was a hard session in which she even produced a few drops! And when it was finally over, there was one more thing: the nipple clamps would go back onto her stretched and ultra sensitive nipples!! That was brutal, for a first session!

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  1. nice to see some milk, even if its some drops

  2. She’s a lovely little thing!

  3. Anonymous

    I think It would be nice to not only have the Milking cups on the hucows udders, but also have a Milking cup suck on the clit as well, it will bring alot more orgasms to the sessions

  4. Anonymous

    As well as the Milking cups on the hucows udders, maybe you should put one of the other cups on the hucows clit too, this will bring more orgasms to the sessions and would be quite a site to see the whole vagina getting sucked up too

  5. udderlover

    nice to see a new cow on parade. her udders are well formed and her teats are progressing well.

  6. Fuck finally! Teat clamps & teat pumping together with a bound & ballgagged slut slave! Great to see keep it coming!

  7. Anonymous

    nipple clamp after milking is great idea. try it on more hucows.

  8. Anonymous

    After milking put nipple clamps in i’s evil idea, but it is necessary too, obedient cow never complaints that, it is the farmer who will decide how to treat them.

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