Darina – double stimulation

Darina – double stimulation

Darina is back! Her natural full udders need to be milked as soon as possible, so we wasted no time strapping her to the milking frame. We added DOUBLE stimulation this time. A magic wand and a fucking machine kept Darina excited and wet all the time. She probably hoped we would not add any milking machine this time, but unfortunately for her we did not forget about the powerful red cow milker. Stimulated from 3 sides (clit, penetration, and nipples), Darina soon was back into HuCow mode. She loves this life so much! We had fun playing with the speed of all three machines: faster vibration, faster fucking, and even faster milking! Darina is one of our best and most docile HuCows: we can do anything to her and she will love it!

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  1. monsterskippy

    incredible update would love to see this happen to katie be even better with double penetration fuck machine

  2. Darina is a Incredible beautyful model! This is a exellent setting, but it would be even better if she also was fixed With a ass-hook. Also give her a enema while she is fixed With the cow-milker, pleace!

  3. a penisgagg is needed here also

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