Arabella’s introduction

Arabella’s introduction

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Arabella thinks she is quite something. We have been watching her for a while now, and she seems to have good udders (very natural and soft!), but she always keeps them covered so guys can not get a good look. Well, it’s time to add her to the herd! Before she knows it, Arabella finds herself chained up in an abandoned building, completely naked! Her udders are cuffed to the ceiling! She is a bit unstable in her high heels and ankle cuffs, and she looks very worried! Her nipples have been clamped, and little bells jingle with every move she makes. They hurt, but it’s nothing compared to the goat milker that was wheeled in. Arabella is in complete shock, she wants to protest but she quickly gets gagged with a shiny red ball. Welcome to the herd, Arabella!

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  1. Awesome!!!!

  2. Could you please fix the download link, thank you.

  3. I love this shoot. Please shave her next time

  4. Fully agree about the shaving.

    • We need our cows with a full ‘head’ of hair. Which is probably why I love the 50s pics, especially Bettie Page.

    • Fully agree her head needs to be shaved next time

  5. mmm needs more moaning hehe.

    • Nice. Arabella looks fantastically gorgeous. Love the breast and nipple torture. Especially love the nipple clips with bells. Would really love to suggest a pair if green elastic castration bands stretched and attached to her nipples to heighten the sensitivity. It does wonders for submission. Nice. Arabella is fabulously gorgeous.

  6. Love this, been waiting a long time to see something like this, to see the others being milked like this would be awesome!

  7. About the shaving of the model. What if you used a electrolyte apparatus and remowed the hair permanently?

  8. GirlCowBev

    I would like to see these breast-cuffs used more often–especially on cows with actual udders like Maggy or Katie. Adding a wand to their training–while standing–would definitely be motivating.

  9. Boob cuffs and a furry muff. I’m in heaven.

  10. Adam Knowles

    I am a fully paid up member (by about three days!) but am horribly frustrated in that i cannot get into the site – where for Pete’s sake is your log in panel? This is worse than the coronavriations to keep me depressed.

    Please advise, its cold and dreary having to sit out here on the doorstep.

    Regards and thanks,



  12. A good one for jj plush she loves her breast hand cuffed.

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