Captured Kerry – nipple training

Captured Kerry – nipple training

We captured Kerry! This aspiring young HuCow from Scotland is determined to challenge herself and deal with the process of becoming a HuCow in our herd. She loves challenges, but she has never done anything like this! Before we hook her up to a milking machine, we decided we need to increase her nipple size and get her nipples ready for the harsh machines. Stretching and sucking nipples repeatedly (daily) is very important training for HuCows. Young Kerry is using our electronic breast training machine to triple her nipple size and she seemed to be able to handle the powerful suction. She turned off the machine after a few minutes, thinking she was done. But we turned the machine back on and cuffed her hands behind her. She was not done yet, training takes time!

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  1. at last some nipple action .
    keep it up

  2. RoperCliff

    Very sweet perky tits. I enjoyed her apparent discomfort such a sweety. The handcuffs are a nice touch.

  3. Nipple training, aren’t those two wonderful words, but shouldn’t they be called teats?
    Training the teats, three wonderful words! Sorry! i will crawl back inside my box now.

  4. a perfect little hucow – will surely grow into her new role

  5. There is something about this one that I personally absolutely adore I can’t really define it, most of the time when they smile it takes something away from my little fantasy world, but with Kerry I found myself smiling back at her. I hope that at some point we will see her again.

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