Vina – milking bed & cow milker

Vina – milking bed & cow milker

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We have never used the cow milker with the milking bed, but it is actually a great combination. When a HuCow can get comfortable, she can deal with the extra power and weight more easily. Our trusty HuCow Vina is so docile, she could probably fall asleep on the milking bed. Well, maybe with the goat milker, but not with the red cow milker on high speed! Vina is definitely feeling the pull of the heavy cups and the extreme vacuum pressure. We always set the machine to a higher speed with Vina, because she is one of our most experienced HuCows, and she can handle anything! A great session for Vina!

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  1. Love Vina,she looks so submissive having her tits milked.

  2. nice!

  3. Flownet07

    Maybe you should adjust the milking bed so that the cow has her face looking downward like on a massage table. The present bed turns her head to one side and that can be painful.

  4. GirlCowBev

    I guess I’m hoping for more reaction from the cows…Vina is lovely and plump! I’m still looking forward to seeing Maggy and Katie again!

  5. admin her breast have really grown alot what is her bra size now and how did she do this??

  6. Great to see nice plump Vina again! I think she definitely needs to go on the treadmill though to see all that plumpness jiggle

  7. Anonymous

    Can we please put vina or Katie on the original cow Miller again please?

  8. Cow Lover

    Push Vina more! She was really turned on during the ass hook scene, objectify her more – perhaps with the cow hood – and I bet she’d respond positively!

  9. Rubberneedle

    Hope she produced enough milk–

  10. She needs a septum ring now.
    A good farm cow must have a nose ring. I think she will be proud of it.

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