Lucy Lauren – triple pumped!

Lucy Lauren – triple pumped!

Lucy Lauren is back to continue her training! We found out she has very sensitive nipples, so she will need a lot more nipple training to be a good HuCow. It’s not her lucky day though, because we finally designed something to satisfy a very popular member request: a clit pump! The electronic breast training machine has been split into three hoses, two for Lucy’s poor nipples and one for her clit. They will all be pumped at the same time! Lucy is cuffed to a bench and gagged with a huge ballgag, so she can not do anything to stop her nipples from getting 3 times as large and her clit… well, we probably reach a 5 time increase in size!! It worked incredibly well! Lucy Lauren was a bit shocked after this session, but don’t worry, she will be back for more training, she is starting to get used to it!

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  1. boobguy

    Please do this to Vina!

  2. Incredible Update. Pumping Lucy’s sensitive nipples and her clit at the same time is a farmer’s dream come true. I second boobguy’s request to do this to Vina. And Katarina and Katie.

  3. Hot Libby

    Poor Lucy!
    “Ohhhh! What have you done to me! My poor swollen tits and clit”

  4. Please do this to Cobie, Katie, Katarina, Clara, Cherry, Chessie Kay, Nyssa Nevers, Jasmine James, Cindy Dollar, Jezzy

  5. I wish to have a farmer do that to me. I’m already exploding with milk

  6. Nice!! How did I miss this update? Lucy Lauren is delightfully gorgeous. Love the clit pump and the nipple pumps. Nice. Please bring Lucy Lauren back for some more pleasing and teasing. Nice.

  7. would love to see the clit pump on others too… please?????????

  8. Oh that clit being milked so hot!!! I can’t get enough of this!!

  9. I love it when the clit comes into the round part and enlarges in all directions.

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