Liz – milked on the Sybian

Liz – milked on the Sybian

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Liz is back! And she is in for a ride! This is one of the hardest sessions for HuCows: getting milked while sitting on a Sybian. Their brain just can not handle so much stimulation at the same time. They start to make very strange sounds, and it is very exhausting for them. The position is also very harsh on the back, Liz will be straining the entire time she is on the Sybian. Liz can take some hard torture and nipple training, but this is a lot to handle, even for her! When we gagged her, she got so aroused she had a very powerful orgasm which almost broke the wooden milking frame. She had barely even noticed her nipples had grown so much! Enjoy this ride, Liz certainly did!

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  1. One of the best Updates with a HuCow riding the Sybian while being milked. Watching Liz arch her back after being unlocked from the wooden milking frame was great ending for this session.

  2. Hot Libby

    I think Liz’s nipples are looking real swollen. They definitely need a lot of loving care.
    By the way, love the colour of Liz’s hair!

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