Kerry on the Red Cow Milker

Kerry on the Red Cow Milker

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Is Kerry ready for the barn? And the most powerful milking machine: the red cow milker? She only had a brief introduction, so it seems a bit extreme to hook her to this machine next, but that is exactly what we are going to do! This young aspiring HuCow can’t wait to make more progress in her training, and the strongest machine will help her nipples grow the most. We restrain her to the milking frame and ballgag her, as we don’t want anything interrupting this session. Kerry’s young udders are perfectly accessible and she can’t move much at all. The red cow milker will be a tough session for her, but it is all going to be worth it in the end!

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  1. This session with the red cow milker attached to her udders did make her nipples grow. Kerry’s eyes and her muffled sounds of pain through the red ball gag show how strenuous this milking session was for her.

  2. zelda3565

    as a nipple lover may I as a new member say these lovely ladies with the perfect breasts oops sorry udders I grew up on a farm the old fashioned way and we milked by hand sorry girls but it would have been much more exciting then going out to the barn to try and coax the milk to come. I degress I am sure your nipples will be things of beauty

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