Cobie – first time

Cobie – first time

From the moment we saw Australian bondage babe Cobie on the internet, we wanted to milk those fantastic perfect round big udders! And yes, we finally captured her for her first ever milking session! This is very exciting! Cobie was very nervous, because her nipples are very very sensitive. She wasn’t sure what to expect. And neither were we, because this is a brand new machine set up! It is the electronic breast training machine, fitted with goat milking cups! That is a very powerful combination! The machine can deliver very strong suction at a very fast rate, and Cobie was told to try the machine and make it go as fast as she could handle. She did an amazing job! Please welcome HuCobie to the herd, she will certainly be back for more milking sessions!

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  1. Please please please!!!! Use this set up on Katie!!

  2. Finally, Make sure let her try all!!

  3. Maybe for her second Update Cobie can be locked to the metal milking frame in the barn and the (RED) Cow Milker used on her udders.

  4. Hot Libby

    Go Aussie! Ou, Ou, Ou.
    Beautiful tits.
    Lets have more beautiful Aussie girls.

  5. Cobie in chastity belt please, restrained and milked hard.

  6. pale girl with perfect round boobs, THANKS

  7. Cobie is so beautiful and has perfect udders. Getting her nipples to become massive will take time and a lot of work but well worth the effort.

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