Little Lanta nipple pumped

Little Lanta nipple pumped

Our gymnast HuCow is back for more training! She is the most flexible HuCow in our barn, which is great for innovative milking positions and training methods! Little Lanta sure wishes she wasn’t so flexible now, but it is too late: she is cuffed in a very vulnerable position to get her nipples pumped today! Nothing she can do to stop this treatment. She already starts the session with suckers attached to her nipples. Lanta hates those, but things are going to get much worse, because the electronic breast training machine is capable of much higher vacuum levels! Her nipples will be expanded to 3 or 4 times the size. It is a harsh session, but don’t worry, we give her a nice reward afterwards!

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  1. Awesome….can’t wait to download this and start jerking off to it.

  2. GirlCowBev

    She’s lovely little heifer…

  3. Just needs a bull to come in and breed with it

  4. Hot Libby

    Little Lanta has definitely got a good set of udders to start with. They look so awesome, Sticking up ever so proudly, even as she is lying down on her back.

  5. NICE!! Love to see nipple suction with the suction tubes for some cupping action. Would really love to see a fetish model with perky, erect, hardened and stiff nipples get this exact same treatment followed by the use of a pair of green elastic castration bands stretched and placed upon the models nipples to enhance the nipple treatment as well as to stimulate the hardening of the models nipples. Wenona CUMS to mind as well as possible Valentina Bianco. Little Lanta looks great in this shoot but I recommend the use of the sybian vibrator to give Little Lanta a much deserved reward with a couple of orgasms. NICE !!!! ~ S

  6. Steve——-Nice comparision to Bondage Legend–Wenona. Wenona was a gymnast in high school. Maybe Little Lanta while undergoing nipple suction sessions could be put into some of the bondage positions that made Wenona famous .

  7. Lanta is so sexy. I love her facial expressions in all her videos.

  8. I would like see real fuck in this girl.

  9. wow

  10. Perfect position for easy breeding access! She is a beauty! Would love to see her producing milk and ready to birth!

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